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February 12, 2016

3 Tips for Proving Your Innocence in a Domestic Violence Case

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Domestic violence is a very serious charge in Arizona. In some cases, the person charged with the crime was falsely accused. In others, the person accused was acting out of self-defense. No matter the circumstances behind the charges, the goal of an experienced criminal defense lawyer is to get to the bottom of it and defend against false accusations and lack of evidence. If you have been charged with domestic violence, meet with an attorney right away. False accusations can leave a lasting impact on your life, so the situation must be handled quickly, delicately, and appropriately. Follow these three tips to make it easier for your lawyer to defend you.

1. Avoid doing or saying anything that can negatively impact your case.
It is important to be on your best behavior in the days and weeks leading up to your arraignment and trial. Avoid saying or doing anything that can negatively impact your case, including violating “No Contact” orders, revealing incriminating information, or lashing out in any way. Even joking about self-harm or harming others can play a determining factor in whether your case is won or lost. Avoid any physical acts of violence, such as breaking things or punching walls, and find a constructive outlet for your emotions by going to a local gym, going for a run, or doing something to take your mind off of the situation. Avoid talking to law enforcement about the details of your case without having a lawyer present; remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.

Have another third-party individual present as a witness should you need to come in contact with the other individual in the altercation for any reason. A meeting may be necessary to collect personal belongings or information-sensitive documents. The meeting should be conducted in a public place to minimize the likelihood of another incident occurring.

2. Try to keep your emotions at manageable levels.
Going through a domestic violence dispute, whether with a lover or a family member, is an emotional experience. Keeping a level head when making decisions and refraining from getting too caught up will lead to a better outcome than making erratic choices. This is an extremely stressful time. It is important to eat right, sleep well, and stay active so that you can stay healthy and alert throughout the duration of your case proceedings.

3. Protect yourself at all times.
It is also important to protect your belongings and sensitive personal information from your accuser. Keep your birth certificate, Social Security Card, car and home titles, and government-issued identification. Change the passwords to your social media accounts and bank accounts. Gather evidence that can be used to defend your innocence, such as text messages, pictures, and physical evidence, and present them to your attorney.

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