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What will take place during my initial consultation with criminal defense lawyer Josh Blumenreich?

Criminal defense lawyer Josh Blumenreich offers all potential clients a free initial consultation. This consultation, which generally only takes five minutes or so, is an excellent opportunity for those interviewing criminal law firms to discuss options and strategies for their case with a proven and well-respected criminal defense attorney. Mr. Blumenreich is an experienced and sought-after DUI lawyer, and also represents clients in cases involving domestic violence, drugs and narcotics, identity theft and more. His background as a prosecutor (he is the former Assistant Bureau Chief and Deputy County Attorney with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office) informs his work as a defense attorney. Whether you're facing felony or misdemeanor charges, you have rights that deserve to be protected. Your initial consultation with The Blumenreich Law Firm represents a positive first step in making certain those rights are enforced.  

It can be overwhelming to be the target of criminal charges. In such situations it is important to stay focused and find ways to bring order to the proceedings. This is best accomplished by retaining the services of a qualified and proven criminal defense attorney. With so many law firms in the greater Phoenix area, it is important to do your due diligence. When you do, you'll find that few defense attorneys offer the experience and track record of Josh Blumenreich.

The Blumenreich Law Firm represents those charged with everything from driving under the influence and drugs and narcotics offenses to identity theft, property crimes, domestic violence, sex offenses, assault and battery and more. Your initial consultation is certain to bring a sense of order to your case, as you'll gain a better understanding of how best to proceed toward its best possible outcome.

It's so easy to set up an initial consultation at your convenience, and in those few minutes you'll set the process of crafting your defense firmly in motion. You'll never be told anything but the truth at The Blumenreich Law Firm, good or bad, so that there are never any surprises as the process unfolds. You may reach us at 602-795-8204. You deserve the very best legal advocate on your side, and Mr. Blumenreich and his entire team will work tirelessly on your behalf. 

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