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Frequently Asked Questions

What can an Arizona criminal attorney help me with?

Phoenix Arizona criminal defense attorney can help you in the defense of criminal law charges. If you have been charged with assault, theft, drugs, DUI, or other offenses, we can help you. Josh Blumenreich is an Arizona criminal law attorney with a New York legal background and over 1000 cases under his belt as Maricopa County Prosecutor.

How do I find a good Arizona criminal lawyer?

Arizona criminal defense lawyer to defend you in criminal law, we can help! We have represented thousands of clients in theft, murder, drugs and speeding cases on both the prosecution and defense side. We will aggressively attempt to stop charges before they are even filed.

How do I know if a Phoenix criminal attorney is right for my case?

Phoenix criminal defense attorney Josh Blumenreich can help you with your criminal law attorney needs! In a simple five-minute consultation, he will speak with you about your criminal offense and determine if he can represent you and your alleged charges including but not limited to assault, theft, drugs and dui.

What should I look for what searching for a Phoenix criminal lawyer?

Phoenix criminal defense lawyer Josh Blumenreich can defend you in all arms of criminal law. An experienced criminal law lawyer to help you if you are in need of representation for a theft, murder, drug, or speeding charge, and we guarantee the zealous defense you deserve.

I need a Phoenix DUI lawyer - can you help?

Phoenix DUI lawyer specializing in DUI law is important if you need help with a DUI defense, we can provide the Az DUI defense that you need. We have experience in dealing with Arizona DUI and each class of it to help keep the charge off of your record. If you get a charge of DUI or any other traffic offense, The Blumenreich Law Firm is here to help.

What types of cases does defense lawyer Josh Blumenreich handle?

Arizona defense lawyer Josh Blumenreich is an experienced Phoenix DUI attorney, assault attorney, drug and narcotic defense attorney who also handles property crime and identity theft crime, domestic violence and sex offense cases. He has even worked as a murder defense attorney.

Is a criminal defense attorney really an absolute necessity?

A criminal defense attorney is vital because you can't be expected to navigate the minefields of Arizona laws alone. Phoenix defense lawyer Josh Blumenreich is a proven DUI, drug and narcotic defense lawyer, assault attorney, Arizona property crime attorney, identity theft attorney, domestic violence and sex offense lawyer who has also handled cases as a Phoenix murder defense attorney.

Should I hire you as my defense lawyer, will I be charged a flat fee or do you work on contingency?

Phoenix defense lawyer Josh Blumenreich bills clients on a flat fee basis. A respected Phoenix defense attorney, Mr. Blumenreich can help those needing an Arizona DUI Lawyer, assault attorney, Arizona drug defense lawyer, narcotic defense lawyer, property crime or identity theft crime attorney, domestic violence, sex offense, and murder defense lawyer and more.

Does defense attorney Josh Blumenreich handle drug cases?

Phoenix defense attorney Josh Blumenreich is an experienced Arizona drug defense lawyer. He is also a DUI lawyer, assault attorney, narcotic defense lawyer, identity theft crime and property crime attorney, domestic violence, sex offense, and murder defense lawyer, and more.

Can a DUI Lawyer explain current Arizona DUI laws to me?

Arizona DUI Lawyer Josh Blumenreich can explain how applicable Arizona DUI laws apply to your case. Driving under the influence is a serious charge, and the many different types of DUIs and potential collateral consequences call for a qualified Arizona DUI Defense Lawyer.

What types of defendants does criminal lawyer Josh Blumenreich generally represent?

Regardless of what you've been charged with, be it a felony or misdemeanor, you have rights and they must be enforced. You deserve a vigorous, meticulously planned and well-executed criminal defense, and a criminal law firm with the ability to provide you just that.

What will take place during my initial consultation with criminal defense lawyer Josh Blumenreich?

Your consultation, which generally only takes five minutes or so, is an excellent opportunity for those interviewing criminal law firms to discuss options and strategies for their case with a proven and well-respected criminal defense attorney.

What is it that separates Josh Blumenreich from other criminal lawyers I might choose?

In terms of what differentiates criminal defense attorney Josh Blumenreich from his peers, the answer lies in the unique experiences he has had in the field of law. Mr. Blumenreich is not only one of the most respected criminal defense lawyers in all of Arizona, he was also once a prosecutor.

What type of approach will my criminal law attorney apply to my case?

Criminal law attorney Josh Blumenreich will take an aggressive approach to your representation. As a former prosecutor himself, he knows that your prosecutor will be aggressive in his/her pursuit of the criminal charges against you.