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Arizona DUI Lawyer

Can DUI Lawyer Josh Blumenreich explain current Arizona DUI laws to me?

Phoenix, Arizona DUI defense lawyer Josh Blumenreich can explain how applicable DUI laws apply to your case. Driving under the influence is a serious charge, and the many different types of DUIs and potential collateral consequences call for a qualified DUI attorney to head up your defense. In addition to his work in this area, Mr. Blumenreich is also experienced in defending those charged with other felony crimes including murder, assault and battery, property crime, identity theft crime, domestic violence, sex offenses and drugs/narcotics. The laws that govern driving while intoxicated are as tough in our state as they are anywhere in the country. If you’ve been charged, make your first call to The Blumenreich Law Firm.

There are many Phoenix DUI attorneys that would love to take your case. Your job as a defendant, however, is to find the very best attorney to represent you against these charges.

Charged with driving while under the influence? If so, consult immediately with an experienced DUI lawyer. Arizona's tough laws make the need for excellent representation a must. You can rest assured your prosecutor will be prepared, and you should be equally as prepared. Step one in your preparation is securing the representation of a proven defense attorney.

As your attorney, Josh Blumenreich will help you to understand how Arizona’s DUI laws apply to your case. He wants you to be a part of the process, and will keep you apprised at every moment of your case so that you can make the best decisions for yourself moving forward. Call The Blumenreich Law Firm at 602-795-8204 today.


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