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Phoenix Criminal Defense Lawyer

Should I hire you as my defense lawyer, will I be charged a flat fee or do you work on contingency?

Phoenix defense lawyer Josh Blumenreich bills clients on a flat fee basis. Mr. Blumenreich has worked as both a prospector and as a criminal defense attorney in cases ranging from murders and property crimes to identity theft and DUI. He is also an experienced assault attorney and criminal drug defense lawyer representing clients accused of narcotics crimes. You deserve the very best attorney you can find, and at The Blumenreich Law Firm you’ll find our services to be affordable and accessible. Call today to learn more about our flat fee, and begin the process of defending yourself in earnest.

There are many Phoenix-based criminal attorneys who put money before all else. Attorney Josh Blumenreich is not one of them. He believes that his services should be available to those who need them most, and that the very best legal representation shouldn’t hinge on finances.

Our law firm is one of the most respected in the Valley of the Sun. We go about our work with a focus on the job at hand and compassion for the client. At the end of the day it’s all about protecting your rights, and nobody does it better.

Phoenix, Arizona criminal defense lawyer Josh Blumenreich is happy to serve clients on a flat fee basis because it makes his services all the more accessible. If you are faced with criminal charges, he can help you to mount a vigorous defense. Few if any other law firms offer the experience you'll find at The Blumenreich Law Firm. We invite you to call us at 602-795-8204 today. Find the proven and affordable attorney you’ve been looking for.

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