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Chandler Criminal Attorney

Criminal attorney Josh Blumenreich can guide you through the legalese associated with your DUI arrest.

Residents of Chandler seeking criminal attorneys with a track record of success in DUI cases are invited to call The Blumenreich Law Firm. It is no secret that Arizona has some of the harshest laws for driving under the influence of alcohol. Imagine trying to navigate the legal minefields associated with DUI in this state without the help of an experienced criminal lawyer. Josh Blumenreich is a proven defense attorney and accomplished DUI lawyer, and can help you to protect your rights at every turn. On average there are around 40,000 DUI arrests per year in Arizona. The majority of those arrested are good, hard-working people who simply made a mistake. They deserve good representation courtesy of a qualified criminal attorney, because without it their future may be in serious jeopardy on a number of levels. We would never guarantee you an outcome in your case, but we will work tirelessly on your behalf toward the best possible outcome.

Call the Blumenreich Law Firm today for the guidance you need. We know there are many Chandler-based criminal lawyers to choose from, but offer the unique professional resume and track record of attorney Josh Blumenreich as proof that he can serve your interests well.

The best defense against the need for a DUI lawyer is, of course, not to drink and drive. Though we highly recommend this course of action, we also realize that we are human beings who sometimes make mistakes. Those who do make this mistake are not bad people, and they have rights that need to be enforced. If you or a family member has been arrested for driving under the influence, defense attorney Josh Blumenreich would like to speak to you. Call The Blumenreich Law Firm today to set up your free initial consultation.


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