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Drug Possession Lawyer

Arizona criminal law regarding drug possession varies on a lot of factors. Having the right criminal defense attorney makes all the difference in your defense!


Drug PossessionIn the city of Phoenix, AZ, there are literally thousands of drug crimes reported every year. Drug-related crimes carry with them the potential for very serious consequences. Drug possession is no exception. If you find yourself facing drug possession charges, a lawyer with experience in drug-related cases is absolutely your best chance at mounting a solid defense. Criminal drug law in Arizona can be harsh and carries serious penalties if you are convicted. Having a criminal defense attorney is your best chance at making sure your rights are protected and that the best possible resolution for your particular case can be found.

Every state regulates and controls the possession of controlled dangerous substances (commonly referred to as CDS) for personal use. In the state of Arizona, however, not only are well-known drugs classified as controlled substances, but so are the compounds used to create them. The severity of the charges can vary based on the drug involved, the amount of drugs, if you were found in possession of illegal substances near a school, as well as the perceived intention (possession for personal use versus intent to sell). Arizona breaks up various substances into six groups, which are:

Each group carries different penalties, but all of them include jail time and/or hefty fines. In 1996, however, Arizona voters enacted Proposition 200, which made it so that many drug possession offenses, mainly first and second crimes of a non-violent nature, are punishable with probation, Certain drugs, however, such as methamphetamine, do not qualify for Proposition 200. Similarly, possession charges that fall into Class 4 felonies are also ineligible for Proposition 200. With so many factors involved in drug possession charges, having a lawyer who knows the ins and outs of criminal law in Arizona is paramount. A public defense attorney may not be aware of the layers involved in a drug possession case or simply may not have time for them. If you're facing drug possession charges, don't leave anything to chance. Get a criminal defense attorney with the experience necessary to protect your rights and construct a solid defense for your particular case. Contact us online or call (602) 252-2570 today to get a free consultation!