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Drug & Narcotic Offenses Arizona

Drug Offenses Law Firm

On average there are more than 10,000 drug crimes reported each year in the Phoenix area alone. No matter what the drug-related offense, charges in such crimes carry with them the potential of serious consequences if convicted. If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug offense in Arizona ranging from drug possession for personal use or possession for sale to drug trafficking, importing, or manufacturing illegal substances, attorney Josh Blumenreich and The Blumenreich Law Firm can help.

Criminal Lawyer Arizona

Drug laws in the state of Arizona vary according to not only the charge itself but also the amount of drugs involved, the type of drug, and whether or not the state believes it is being possessed for personal use or for sale. As such it is essential that you settle on experienced and proven legal counsel. Josh Blumenreich is a respected defense attorney and a student of Arizona law, including the state's very tough laws related to drug and narcotic offenses. As your attorney he will work closely with you to explain the charges against you, their implications, and potential consequences. Most importantly, he and his entire firm will construct a defense based on the very individual nature of your case, and advise you in a way that leads to the best possible resolution.

When drug charges are at hand there are so many factors involved. What type of drug was involved? Marijuana? Methamphetamine? Narcotics? Prescription drugs? What is the charge, and is the defendant being charged with a first offense, a second offense or a probation violation? In other words as a defendant you are in the eye of a very serious storm and need an experienced hand to right the ship that is your defense. Josh Blumenreich's experience in drug-related cases makes him the right attorney for your case as he has been for countless others in your position.