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Murder Defense Attorney

Murder Defense Attorney with Prosecutor Experience in Phoenix, AZ

If you are under investigation for murder in Arizona, there is no time to waste. A top-notch defense lawyer is the first place to start. The Blumenreich Law Firm can help you mount an effective defense quickly. We are an experienced and proven murder defense firm with a history of defending clients.

Our legal team can assist you with your murder charges and craft a defense that seeks out the best possible resolution. We may even be able to assist you with a full dismissal of your case depending on the circumstances. You can view our most recent results here: Dismissal and Acquittals

There is so much that goes into constructing a murder defense, especially the type of charge you're facing. Each charge carries with it some extremely serious penalties, and it's important that as a defendant you are advised by someone with knowledge of Arizona laws and their consequences.

When you meet with us for your initial consultation, our team will assist you with any questions you may have and begin crafting your defense strategy. Questions we can advise you on include determining the type of crime you are being accused of, like these:

Once we know the type of murder charge you are confronted with, we can begin the process of helping you fight the charges and get you the results you deserve. Knowledge is power at The Blumenreich Law Firm. That is why we are eager to educate you about your case from the moment we speak. This allows you to make constructive decisions on your case.

Your rights in a murder defense case matter. Josh Blumenreich's experience handling cases involving violent crimes in the Phoenix, Arizona will lend a steady hand to your defense – one that will enforce your rights under the law and provide you with an honest assessment of your case and your options. If you have questions, concerns, or would like a free consultation, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.