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Arizona DUI Defense Lawyer

What types of cases does defense lawyer Josh Blumenreich handle?

Phoenix, Arizona defense lawyer Josh Blumenreich is an experienced DUI attorney, narcotics defense attorney and murder defense attorney. He also represents clients in cases of assault and battery, property crime, identity theft crimes and more. Mr. Blumenreich has keen, nuanced understanding of AZ criminal law, and can help you mount a vigorous defense against the charges leveled against you. Choose a proven defense lawyer and give yourself the best chances against the charges you face by trusting your case to The Blumenreich Law Firm.

Discover for yourself the versatility of Josh Blumenreich and The Blumenreich Law Firm. An experienced Phoenix DUI attorney and criminal lawyer, Mr. Blumenreich is the perfect choice to represent you in charges including:

Retain the advocate you deserve by trusting your case to Josh Blumenreich.
The ability to handle felony cases across the board makes Mr. Blumenreich a valued resource for those facing such charges. He is also happy to help those charged with misdemeanors. No matter what you have been charged with, you deserve a defense that is well-crafted and well-executed. This is exactly what you will find at The Blumenreich Law Firm.

Those facing felony charges are in a position where their very future is at stake. Such moments are not the time to take a flyer on just any attorney in the hopes that it works out for the best. You need experience on your side, and will find that experience at The Blumenreich Law Firm. Attorney Josh Blumenreich approaches each case with an attention to detail and a firm understanding of Arizona law. He will commit every resource at his disposal to delivering you the best possible outcome in your case.


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