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Field Sobriety Testing

Protecting You Against False Positives In Phoenix Field Sobriety Tests

Phoenix Field Sobriety Tests

Field sobriety tests (FSTs) are commonly used by law enforcement officers at the time of a vehicle operator's arrest to determine whether they are guilty of driving under the influence (DUI). Common FSTs used to gauge whether an individual was driving while impaired include the finger-to-nose test, the heel-to-toe test, the one-legged stand test, the alphabet recitation test, and more.

The consequences for driving whilst impaired in Arizona can be life-changing. Field sobriety tests are designed to help officers build DUI cases against drivers, but many vehicle operators believe that FST results create flawed evidence, as well as unexpected and/or questionable DUI charges. If you think that there were flaws (false positives) in your DUI case's roadside tests, the Phoenix-based field sobriety test defense lawyers at The Blumenreich Law Firm can help.

Man takes field sobriety test with police officer

Know Your Rights During A Phoenix DUI Traffic Stop

Field sobriety tests cannot truly measure levels of intoxication and, as a result, often yield inaccurate results. In fact, field sobriety tests are oftentimes difficult for sober individuals to pass in a controlled setting! Refusing to submit to a chemical test, such as a breathalyzer, for a DUI may result in serious consequences. However, drivers are typically unaware that Arizona DUI laws do not require you to take any of the FSTs; they are completely voluntary.

What To Do If You Refuse A Field Sobriety Test In Arizona

Most people assume that field sobriety testing is mandatory, but this is icorrect. When a law enforcement officer asks you to step out of your vehicle to perform the FSTs, you have the right to politely decline. Refusing to perform the field sobriety tests cannot be held against you in court. Essentially, there is little to be gained from submitting to the FSTs, especially since a number of factors can be used as examples of your intoxication, such as situation-related nervousness, medications, general physical impairments, and more.

There are many DUI checkpoints in Phoenix and the chances of you being pulled over are increasing. If you are facing Arizona DUI charges stemming from field sobriety tests, do not hesitate to ask a Phoenix field sobriety test defense lawyer for advice. DUI defense attorney Josh Blumenreich and his hardworking legal team will investigate your case immediately.

Please call 602-252-2570 or contact us online if you are faced with a DUI charge. In addition to handling DUIs, Josh Blumenreich also has experience helping victims of car, motorcycle, truck, and boat accidents, as well as fighting against drug and narcotic offenses, domestic violence charges and sex offense charges. Free consultations are available.