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Joshua Blumenreich is a successful Arizona defense attorney. A former Maricopa Deputy County Attorney handling all types of the following criminal law cases.

DUI/DWI Offenses

Arizona's DUI laws are as tough or tougher than any in the nation, raising the stakes for drivers stopped and charged with driving under the influence.

Theft & Property Crimes

Theft convictions, be they on misdemeanor or felony charges, carry with them serious and in some cases life altering repercussions.

Drug & Narcotic Offenses

On average there are more than 10,000 drug crimes reported each year in the Phoenix area alone.

Sex Offenses

It's hard to imagine a more serious crime, or a conviction with more serious collateral consequences that could follow you and cast a pall over the rest of your life.

Murder Offenses

The taking of a life is the ultimate crime, one nobody wants to stand accused of.

Expunging Convictions

Often times convictions continue to affect the lives and limit the opportunities of the convicted long after they've fulfilled their debt to society.

Domestic Violence

The crimes of assault and domestic violence are among the most serious crimes on the books in Arizona, and carry with them penalties commensurate with the seriousness of their nature.