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Criminal Attorney in Arizona

Why would Mr. Blumenreich be more helpful to my case than other Arizona criminal attorneys?

Arizona criminal defense attorney Josh Blumenreich and the staff of his criminal law firm have a wealth of experience representing clients facing any number of felony charges. These include DUI, assault, drug offenses and even murder. A proven defense lawyer with a New York legal background and over 1,000 cases under his belt as Maricopa County Prosecutor, Mr. Blumenreich will craft a well-thought out and finely executed defense. He has succeeded at all levels of the representative process, from police investigations and evidence gathering to plea negotiation and settlement stipulations. In this way, and in the results he has garnered, he distinguishes himself from other Arizona criminal law attorneys. Call The Blumenreich Law Firm today, and begin the process of defending your rights.

If your future is at stake, a five-minute phone consultation to The Blumenreich Law Firm can make all the difference for you and your family. Don’t shortchange yourself when it comes to finding the best defense attorney for you.

The legal process has a great many long and winding roads, and without expertise as to Arizona laws on your side your future may be in peril. Josh Blumenreich would never guarantee his clients an outcome in their case, and no attorney ever should. What he can guarantee you is a passionate defense, individualized attention and the full and unequivocal enforcement of your rights.

If there was ever a time to settle for average, the choice of an attorney in a criminal case is not it. You deserve the best when it comes to your defense, and the sooner you secure your defense attorney, the better off you will be. Call the Blumenreich Law Firm today at 602-795-8204.

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