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November 20, 2014

What to Expect in Court

Filed under: Court — admin @ 8:02 am

shutterstock_148465085If you have an upcoming court appearance, the Blumenreich Law Firm understands how nerve-wracking this can be for you and your family. When charged of a crime, an individual’s record and future is threatened. The court session is vital to the defendant’s wellbeing and ruling. In order to relieve some of the anticipation and dread that accompanies such a date, there are certain expectations that one can ready themselves with in court:

Court Etiquette

Whether in an arraignment or trail, it is always necessary to follow proper etiquette for court appearances. This is detrimental to the case as a whole. There will be certain customs that the defendant should anticipate. For instance, the room will be told to “rise.” This signals everyone to stand. The room will then be told when to sit, and these commands must be respected. Court etiquette entails speaking only when told, addressing the judge as “Your Honor,” and carrying oneself professionally. Review more tips on how to prepare for court to ensure proper etiquette is followed.


Either a judge or magistrate will lead the court session. They will reside at the front of the courtroom. Additionally, as the criminal lawyer, Josh Blumenreich will be present to represent the case. If there is an opposing side, they will be there as well. Students, individuals waiting for their case to be called, and other observers will reside in the sitting area. Finally, the bailiff will attend in order to ensure the session runs smoothly.


While there is a set schedule for the session to take place, the end time may fluctuate. Depending on the questions that are asked, witness testimonials, and dispute from the opposing party, the session may very likely go longer than expected. Accordingly, do not make other commitments later that day as the session may overlap.


There is a basic process that court sessions follow. First, the case will be called. Once everyone files in and is present, introductions will take place. Legal representation will speak on behalf of their client. Then the details of the case begin. Evidence is shown, witnesses are questioned, etc. Lastly, final statements are made. Depending on the severity of the case, the judge may or may not come to a decision that day.

Legal Terminology

When in court, expect legal diction to be used. There might be language that the defendant is unfamiliar with. Examples of legal terminology include the following:

  • Accused – the defendant, or the one who has been charged with a crime.
  • Breach – When a law or right is violated by omission or commission.
  • Convict – the act of charging a person as guilty against a crime
  • Expungement – When a crime is fully or partially removed from a defendant’s record

Appearing in court can be overwhelming. However, with legal representation by your side, the session might not feel quite as daunting. Josh Blumenreich is a trusted and well known attorney whose courtroom experience has earned him a successful background. Court is a dreaded place. With us by your side, some of those apprehensions can be put to rest. Give us a call at 602-252-2570 to ensure that your case is handled properly and with the proper legal representation.