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March 29, 2017

The Dangers of Distracted Driving in Arizona

Filed under: Traffic Offenses — admin @ 11:00 am

Text & DriveWhen a tragic auto accident occurs, most people generally assume that it must have been the result of alcohol or some other impairing substance. However, the reality is that many of these accidents are caused by something just as deadly and for more common than intoxicated drivers: distraction. Drivers nowadays are distracted by far more than simply changing the radio station or a spilled drink.

With phones, tablets and other electronic devices taking such an active role in everybody’s social and professional lives, the number of distracted accidents has increased exponentially. The state of Arizona, like many others, recognizes that distracted driving poses just as great a danger to both drivers and pedestrians as drunk driving.  The biggest culprit, of course, is texting. On average, it takes a person about five seconds to read a text message and at highway speeds, that is enough time to cross 100 yards – the entire length of a football field. A lot can happen in those five seconds.

While there is no state-wide ban for texting or general cell phone use in Arizona (with the exception of school bus drivers), the cities of Tucson and Phoenix have passed legislation that can fine drivers $100 or $250 if their texting caused an accident. Despite being one of only four states in the country that lacks a statewide texting ban, Arizona is preparing to take steps toward a broader ban regarding texting and driving. In a report by The Arizona Republic, legislators have passed a bill that bans teen drivers from texting within the first six months of obtaining their license. This does nothing to address the problems of adults texting and driving, however, who are just as much at risk of distraction as new teen drivers.

Just in the year 2015, there were 1,673 traffic accidents caused by drivers who were distracted by electronic devices, according to the Arizona Department of Transportation. Eleven of these accidents involved fatalities while 1,086, almost all of them, resulted in minor or severe injuries. While the state of Arizona remains one of the few without texting laws, the dangers of distracted driving are plain to see and have widespread impact. Roughly, 60 percent of those injured or killed in motor accidents as a result of distractions were not even at fault, but rather were harmed by a distracted driver.

If you have been involved in a motor accident caused by distracted driving in Phoenix, AZ, proper legal representation is important for you. If you have been accused of being distracted while behind the wheel and causing an accident, the defense lawyers at the Blumenreich Law Firm are here to help. We will ensure that your rights are protected and build a solid defense for your case. Call the Phoenix defense attorneys at (602) 252-2570 or contact us online today for a FREE consultation!