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May 31, 2017

Understanding Property Crime Laws in Arizona

Filed under: Property Crimes — admin @ 11:00 am

Running from FlamesHave you been arrested for a property crime in Arizona? Are you currently seeking help from a defense lawyer in Phoenix? The Blumenreich law firm has innate knowledge of property crimes that occur in Arizona and wants to represent you if you have an upcoming case or seek assistance on how to approach a recent arrest in the Phoenix area.

Property crime includes a wide range of circumstances that each carries its own weight in the way the case is prosecuted. First, let’s review the different kinds of property crimes in Arizona and what that might mean for you.

Types of property crime

  •  Burglary

Burglary occurs when a person illegally breaks into another person’s home, yard, or property. A court of law or law enforcement officer can decide intent regardless of whether or not a crime has actually been committed past unlawfully breaking and entering a particular location. Physical damage or theft does not have to occur in order to book and prosecute a crime as a burglary. Instead, simply walking past a boundary line can be classified as a burglary. Property crime lawyers in Phoenix will be able to guide you through the different levels and classes of burglary depending on your specific case or incident.

  • Theft

 Property crimes classified as theft often include an item or items being physically taken from a home or property. Items can include material possessions, vehicles, personal property, identity theft, and in some cases, embezzlement as well as collecting materials or possessions using false pretenses.

  • Arson

 Arson occurs when a fire is started illegally and results in property damage, endangering the lives of others, or even death. Arson occurs primarily out of malice, for insurance purposes, or even out of revenge.  Property crimes involving arson normally carry rigorous investigations by a fire department in order to locate the source of the fire and determine if it was accidental or intentional.

Consequences for property crime(s)

 Property crimes in Arizona vary in the way they are prosecuted and carry different consequences when brought into a court of law. There are two different charges that come about with a property crime: minor charges (misdemeanor) or major charges (felony).  Petty theft charges cover the price of the item stolen in a dollar figure (i.e. $300) and can carry multiple fines and possibly jail time depending on the situation.

For items that exceed $1000 in value, minor charges can move into felony charges. Fines, restitution, and jail time accompany felony charges if convicted in a court of law.

If your most recent charge of property damage or theft is your first, there are exceptions to fines and jail times depending on what your legal representative is able to achieve in court. Additional factors will carry heavier sentences. Sometimes other charges unrelated to property crime tag along with property damage charges, second (or more) time offenders for similar crimes, moral turpitude, and more can all play a role in sentencing.

Call our legal team today to discuss charges you may have recently received and work with us to come up with a game plan catered to your specific case. We understand the legal process that occurs regarding Arizona property damage and want to represent you and protect your rights in the court of law as best we can. Contact us today for a FREE consultation!