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July 29, 2015

Enjoy Freedom in Phoenix with Dismissed Charges

shutterstock_59368612Prior convictions impact the daily lives of those affected even after prison time has been served or the appropriate fines have been paid. Future employers frequently ask whether or not a person has prior convictions and, if so, what the nature of those convictions might be. It is against the law to lie on employment forms, so it is important to be as honest as possible about this difficult time in your life. Judgment and negative connotations are attached to convictions, which can not only make it difficult for a person’s social life, but also make it difficult to find and hold down steady work. The predicament of those convicted in Arizona is not new, and the state has taken measures to forge a path to redemption. The Blumenreich Law Firm has a comprehensive guide to expungements in the state of Arizona, why they are important, and how to obtain one.

While the state of Arizona does not allow actual “expungement” of convictions (implying that the record is deleted in its entirety), it does permit something called a “set aside.” Set asides mean the original record of conviction remains, but the record simply does not need to be disclosed unless an employer asks specifically about prior convictions. The two terms imply different things, but in legal settings they are frequently used interchangeably.

The benefit of setting aside a conviction is that the potential employee is able to write that the charges were dismissed, thus making jobs easier to find. Improved job prospects are a large reason many people choose to undergo the process of expungement in Arizona.

Aside from the obvious reason of improved job prospects, setting aside convictions in Arizona include many additional benefits to improve a person’s quality of life and allow for increased permissions. Benefits of Arizona expungement include:

  • Release of penalties and disabilities
  • Records are updated to reflect “dismissed” status
    • Felony is in the past
  • Possibility of gun rights restored
    • Dependent on conviction type, terms and social record

While expungements are available to most, there are specific cases where they are not permitted for the person to receive a set aside. If a crime involved serious physical injury or use of a deadly weapon, records are not likely to be changed. Similarly, sexual offenses or crimes involving children are not subject to expungement in the state of Arizona.

Those who are found guilty in a court of law are frequently judged for their past actions, even if the person has taken steps to atone for whatever behavior or action caused their incarceration. Expungement is, in effect, available in Arizona after a certain amount of time has passed or after the individual has fulfilled certain obligations (this depends on the conviction type). A skilled criminal defense lawyer is the best way to begin this process knowledgeably and with confidence. If you are ready to leave your criminal record in the past and move forward with a new life, claim your free consultation with The Blumenreich Law Firm and discover how simple your future can become.