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July 27, 2016

Phoenix DUI Lawyer

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Phoenix DUI LawyerWhen facing a DUI charge, many people may wonder if they really need to hire an attorney. A lot of people think lawyers handle major criminal cases like we see on TV. The truth of the matter is that when facing any kind of charge, it’s always beneficial to have an experienced lawyer on your side. In the city of Phoenix, a DUI lawyer will have knowledge of plea bargains, will be familiar with the court system, and will be able to navigate the often complex administration procedures involved. If you are a repeat offender, having a DUI attorney on your side is absolutely crucial. If there are particular circumstances in your case, such as a high blood alcohol content, DUI with a minor in the vehicle or reckless driving, then you definitely need to seek legal representation.

Should I Plead Guilty to a DUI?

Many people are surprised to learn it can be beneficial to plead guilty to the DUI charge, especially if this is your first offense. Before doing so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the fines and penalties for drunk driving in the state of Arizona, which you can find here. Even if you are convicted, a DUI lawyer can provide you with valuable legal advice or counsel that may affect how severe your sentence is. An experienced DUI attorney will also be able to assist and guide you through any sentence bargaining process.

How Do I Find the right DUI Lawyer?

It’s important to fight the right DUI lawyer in Phoenix, so there are a few things you should consider. Find an attorney that has experience in dealing with DUI cases, as they will know how to best represent your case and knows the ins and outs of the court system. Schedule a meeting and consultation with the attorney and talk about costs and options. If you have the opportunity, try to meet with at least two lawyers before deciding on one to represent you in a court of law.

Do I Really Need an Attorney to Fight a Simple DUI Charge?

You should always seek the advice of an experienced attorney when facing any kind of charges. The Blumenreich Law Firm has years of experience fighting DUI charges. We will put together the best case possible so you can come out on top of your court case and put the whole experience behind you The Blumenreich Law Firm has experience in handling all manner of cases in the Phoenix area. You need a DUI lawyer with the track record and knowledge to best represent your case, so don’t hesitate. Contact us online or call (602) 252-2570 to get a FREE consultation today!