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January 16, 2015

Drunk Driving Signs That Alert Police

Filed under: DUI,Traffic Offenses — admin @ 3:44 pm

shutterstock_169730960When it comes to DUIs, there are specific signs that police look for while on the road. To put it plainly, certain driving patterns alert police that a motorist might be impaired. At the Blumenreich Law Firm, we understand just how severe DUI laws are in Arizona. The repercussions of being charged with driving while impaired are serious. To avoid a DUI, it is vital to avoid drinking and driving at all costs. However, we know that there still exists a possibility of an individual getting pulled over for suspicion of drinking and driving despite the fact that they have not consumed any alcohol. Here are the drunk driving signs that alert police of an intoxicated motorist: 

  • Forgetting to turn on the headlights after dark
  • Swerving, weaving or drifting
  • Driving under the speed limit
  • Improper use of the turn signal
  • Wide turns
  • Hovering close to a lane marker
  • Slow response to traffic signals, such as a stop sign

For instance, an individual decides to meet up with some friends, and after driving home later that evening has an unlucky encounter. It is after midnight that the individual gets back into their car (the most common time for impaired persons to be on the road) and they merge onto the freeway, but forget to use their blinker. Before they know it, there are red and blue flashing lights illuminating their rearview mirror. Not only is this time of night when most drunk driving occurs, but the improper use of a turn signal could indicate to a police officer that the driver is impaired. The individual finds themselves pulled over on the side of the road due to suspicion of driving while intoxicated. While they were with their friends however, they were not drinking. Although the driver is not under the influence, the officer’s suspicion may not immediately dissipate.

If one does get pulled over for a DUI, there are two things that the driver should do: behave respectfully to the officer and talk to your lawyer. While it may be frustrating and nerve-wracking to get pulled over, it is critical to express complete politeness to the officer. Do not get argumentative. Accept that they have pulled you over and cooperate by handing over your license and registration. Any tension or foul play that occurs will only harm the individual’s case down the road. The officer will explain why they have pulled the driver over and then try to determine whether or not the individual is intoxicated. Additionally, in Arizona, an individual is permitted to speak with their lawyer when pulled over for a DUI before deciding whether or not to take any chemical tests. Act accordingly by contacting us at the Blumenreich Law Firm; call 602-252-2570. There are also 10 other things to expect when pulled over for a DUI that a driver should be aware of and prepared for, which we list in the aforementioned article.

Before driving, always ensure that proper actions are taken to avoid getting pulled over for any reason:

  • Secure the seatbelt
  • Turn on the headlights
  • Check that you have your license
  • Check that tags are up to date
  • Pay close attention to all traffic signs

If you find yourself pulled over for the suspicion of a DUI, we can help. Contact us and we will represent your case.