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March 10, 2014

Sex Offenses

The legal accusation of a sexual offense is a serious one. At The Blumenreich Law Firm, we understand the gravity of sex-related convictions. We also understand the importance of defending our clients’ rights. With the charge of a sex offense, an individual’s life and future becomes extremely vulnerable. Registered sex offenders are commonly cast aside as poison within society, and such social burdens are only the beginning of what they may face. Our firm wants to help inform and defend the accused.

The different actions that classify as a sex crime may come as a surprise. There are a number of “sex offenders” who have not engaged in wrongful sexual activity, but merely committed a sex crime without realizing it. Here are a few unexpected crimes that fall under the sex offense spectrum:

  • Public urination – urinating where people may potentially witness the act is considered a sexual offense. It is seen as a threat to others, such as minors, who may be exposed.
  • Consensual underage sex – teenagers who have sex with one another may be accused as sexual offenders. Even though the act is consensual, adolescents are still considered minors, thus classifying underage sex as a crime.
  • Flashing – indecent exposure can land individuals in the wrong place at the wrong time. The flashing of private parts is considered an offensive act, once again posing a threat to others who witness it.
  • Engaging in prostitution – whether you are providing or buying services, this is classified as a sexual offense in Arizona. Prostitution is an illegal act. This includes both the solicitation and acceptance of engaging another in sexual activity for monetary purposes.

These are only four of the many acts that may lead to the accusation of sex-related crime. While the law does set the regulations, The Blumenreich Law Firm works to defend those charged. The term “sex offender” is a toxic label. We are here to help sexual offense cases because we understand the different and obscure scenarios that may lead to such allegations.

If you or someone you know has been accused of a sex-related crime in Arizona, contact us today. Complete our contact form or call us at 602-252-2570. We want to help you understand the different available options by providing the best legal representation that we offer. The Blumenreich Law Firm knows the numerous crimes that fall under the sexual offense category, and we are here to help fight for and defend those accused. shutterstock_59516728