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February 24, 2015

Have You Been Convicted of a Crime?

shutterstock_220331209If you or a loved one have been convicted of a crime, the Blumenreich Law Firm is here to help. We understand how grave a criminal charge is. Not only is this detrimental to yours record, but it also signs you up for a lengthy, intrusive and tedious relationship with the courts. Our purpose is to defend the accused to help fight for the best outcome for our clients. If you are seeking legal assistance, turn to Arizona’s trusted defense attorney Josh Blumenreich to handle your case.

At the Blumenreich Law Firm, we work with all types of criminal cases. We cater to our clients in order to fully represent them and fight for their equal rights. Whether you have been charged with a driving offense or sex offense, attorney Josh Blumenreich will be right by your side. Our services include the following:

  • DUI/DWI offenses – We will help defend your case and clarify Arizona’s laws and regulations when it comes to driving under the influence, including the fine line between a misdemeanor and felony DUI.
  • Theft and property crimes – Whether you have been charged with burglary, fraud, embezzlement, etc., attorney Josh Blumenreich will handle your situation with care and precision.
  • Drugs and narcotic offenses – Drug charges are dependent on several factors, including the type of drug, amount of the substance, and purpose (whether it is for personal use or distribution).
  • Sex offenses – Sex crimes have the potential to haunt an individual for the rest of their life. This type of conviction needs to be handled with extra care, as examples of sex offenses include indecent exposure, sexual conduct with a minor, abuse, and more.
  • Murder offenses – If you are the suspect of murder, there is no time to waste when it comes to legal representation. The Blumenreich Law Firm specializes in violent crimes such as these. We will help with every stage of the investigation.
  • Domestic violence – This type of conviction is seen as a crime of abuse or harm from one household member to another. Again, this is a conviction that must be taken with urgency as it will impact the suspect’s life in the long term.
  • And more.

If you already have a conviction on your record, we can still help. For instance, Josh Blumenreich specializes in expunging criminal charges. Although Arizona does not allow for a crime to be completely expunged, there is a possibility that the charge can be dismissed from a record. This liberates an individual from having to say that they have been convicted of a crime when applying for a job, school, etc.

If you are seeking legal representation for yourself or a loved one, we are here to help. The Blumenreich Law Firm offers Arizona’s finest legal services. We treat each of our clients with the care, precision, fairness and understanding that they deserve. Please feel free to call us today at 602-252-2570 or contact us online now for a free consultation.