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At the age of 34 years old with a professional career and not so much as a speeding ticket, I found myself facing the most frightening time of my life after I was charged with a serious crime. During my first meeting with Josh Blumenreich he explained my legal situation to me in terms that I understood fully and was honest with me as to what the outcome could be from the start of our relationship. I was educated on the entire legal process that was ahead of me but I was assured that I was not alone. Josh told me that he would represent me like I was part of his family and that is exactly what he did. During our first meeting Josh asked me what my goals were for the situation I was in. I was facing some serious jail time and my first and foremost goal was not to be separated from my wife and children for even one day. Josh made me no promises but he took my goal seriously and began to build a defense that would prove to keep me where I want to be... at home with my family. I was never judged or made to feel like I was a bad person for being in the situation I was in. I trusted Josh Blumenreich with my life and he fought for me like I never imagined anyone would. Josh looks at people for who they really are and not for the mistake they have made. I never thought I would be on the wrong side of the law but I learned that it can happen to anyone and without you even realizing what is happening. Although I never plan to find myself in this position again I will always carry The Blumenreich Law Firm business card in my wallet.

This letter is in response to my experience with Mr. Joshua Blumenreich at the Blumenreich law firm. Words can not express my thanks and gratitude to Josh and his trained staff of professionals. The legal world is extremely complex, especially to those of us who do not work in it on a daily basis. Josh (I feel I may call him by his first name, not only because he took the time to hear my case, but because I felt like I could trust him as a dear friend through his mannerisms, words, and character in handling my case,) and after much research, he told me straight -forward what all of my options would be, and any consequences involved. Josh has a true concern for his clients, and does not take any of his cases lightly. This is not just his profession, but it is his calling - his dedication. He let me know each step of the process as we journeyed through my particular case. No shortcuts. Best case scenarios vs. worst case scenarios. Time and planning on his part - knowing the law system, and the judicial system, he helped me to get the best outcome for my particular case. I highly recommend Josh and his team due to their care and handling of their cases - they treat people with the respect and the dignity they deserve - even though the world may not treat us that way. I felt as if someone was on "my side" of the law protecting and representing me. What is the cost of your "peace of mind"? – (priceless and affordable)
- JM

I entrusted the Blumenreich Law Firm with my future, and the future of my kids, Josh delivered with honesty, sincerity, compassion, and most of all integrity and expertise. He was there for my family when we needed him most. I will trust Josh and his law firm, with every legal matter my family and friends need in the future. By the end of my legal matter, he was not just my lawyer, but also someone I could call a friend. With no reservations, I highly recommend the Blumenreich law firm for your legal matters. I can confidently say Josh will exceed your expectations
- HM

I was charged with violating an order of protection against my ex-wife. After three phone interviews, I chose to utilize the services of Josh Blumenreich. I chose Josh because of his direct nature, clear tone, and determination to see the case through to a successful conclusion. Josh requested extensive background information on me and my Ex, ultimately deriving enough case history and evidence so that he convinced the district attorney to drop all charges without our even having to go to court. Josh, and his assistant Nova, were almost invariably available on a moment's notice to answer my questions, and returned all calls/e-mails within a day on those few occasions that they were not immediately available. The one time fee was not minor, but, it was comforting to know that I could phone at any time without having an extra add-on to my bill. More to the point, Josh wanted to win in court, where other attorneys were suggesting some form of "deal", which I did not want since I had been falsely accused. Josh Blumenreich convinced the DA of my innocence without our even having to go to court. I would recommend Josh Blumenreich's services to anyone.
- BR

Recently, I had to find an attorney. I was very afraid of the entire process of going to court. An attorney named Joshua Blumenreich was recommended. After meeting him, I was quickly informed of my chances and very impressed with his honesty. Josh told me the best case scenario and the worst. He informed me of what he expected to accomplish, and the worst that could happen. He accomplished exactly what he expected (the best case scenario). I am an older woman, and I thought he was extremely patient and understanding with me. I was given his cell phone, and was able to get a hold of him whenever I needed. I felt completely protected throughout this entire process. The only thing Josh did not tell me was how incredibly experienced and knowledgeable he was which came from his superiors. Since my court experience, I have watched him win some incredible cases. It's really simple; if you want to win, get the best, Josh Blumenreich.
- DB

I very highly recommend Josh Blumenreich. He explained the legal proceedings clearly, and handled my case very efficiently. He and his staff were easy to contact, and responded to my calls and questions quickly. The outcome of the case was better than I had hoped for.
Most of all, I appreciate his being kind and compassionate during a time of great personal distress. Thank you, Josh!
- EY

In any situation where you are faced with having to get legal representation, stress and emotional upset are very common. When I sought out Josh Blumenreich's law firm, I had talked with several lawyers before I met him. After speaking with him, I felt that he had a calm and professional demeanor that helped me to feel that the case was going to be handled correctly and efficiently. The case has lasted almost 9 months and Josh and his assistant have been very thorough and informative throughout the entire process. They email, call and discuss all aspects of the case to make you feel comfortable and knowledgeable of the cases possibilities of outcome and all of your choices along the way. I was lucky and had the BEST end result for my case and I am very grateful. I would certainly use Josh Blumenreich's services again if the situation arose.
- JN

I always felt confident having Josh by my side going into court. He provides great knowledge, integrity and will achieve positive results.
Josh, Nova and his team are very caring and they take pride in wanting to help the client. They were patient, thorough and always available for me whenever I had a question. I will continue to use Blumenreich Law and I will recommend them to others.
- GS

When I was accused of assault, hiring Josh Blumenreich to defend my case was the smartest thing I did. Josh took care of my arrest warrant and worked with me and my family to decide what the best course of action in my case would be. Josh negotiated with the prosecutor and did a wonderful job of defending me when we decided not to accept their plea agreement. I would recommend Mr. Blumenreich's services to anyone who is seeking legal representation.
- DK

I was faced with a devastating tragedy against a Gilbert Police Officer. I was not very certain to a how it was going to turn out. I knew I needed a compassionate and aggressive attorney to see me through. Joshua Blumenreich was the first attorney I consulted with. Upon meeting him, I knew he was the one to see me through my ordeal. Even though fear kept me searching and meeting with various attorneys, faith led me back to Joshua Blumenreich. I was found not guilty. Thank you, Joshua for your hard work and dedication.
- TB