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Murder Attorney Phoenix AZ

The taking of a life is the ultimate crime, one nobody wants to stand accused of. If you are under investigation for murder in Arizona there is no time to waste in mounting a defense, and a top-notch defense lawyer is the absolute first place to start. Attorney Josh Blumenreich of The Blumenreich Law Firm is an experienced and proven defense lawyer with a history of defending clients against murder charges, and can help you craft a defense that seeks out the best possible resolution.

So much goes into constructing a murder defense, including the type of charge you're facing. Was it a first-degree murder (willful and pre-meditated)? A second-degree murder (an intentional murder that is not pre-meditated or planned or a killing caused by dangerous conduct)? Perhaps you're facing a manslaughter charge or are being charged under the "Felony Murder Rule," wherein a murder results from the commission of certain violent felonies. Each charge carries with it extremely serious penalties, and it's important that as a defendant you are advised by someone with knowledge of Arizona laws and their consequences.

Knowledge is power, The Blumenreich Law Firm is eager to empower you with knowledge to make constructive decisions in your case. Josh Blumenreich's experience handing cases involving violent crimes in the Phoenix, Arizona region will lend a steady hand to your defense, one that will focus on enforcing your rights under the law and provide you with an honest assessment of your case and your options.